Saturday, 5 January 2008

Where to purchase Organic products

Here I will be posting where to find Organic products. Please let me know if anyone out there knows of anything to add.

El Galpon
I love this place! I am there most Sabado's and some Miercole's. This is now my main resource for organic produce, eggs, cheese, mate, honey, grains and more....
My favorite!! Bakery in the whole world so far.... Organic, Local and DELICOUS. I love their mixbrot loaf, empanadas, tartas and their budin chocolate. mmm
This is a market/deli/cafe. You can find alot of organic products, vitamins and beauty products. However, no produce. The cafe serves organic coffee and tea and they also serve natural organic food.
Jumbo Palermo
the argentine version of a super target carries some organic produce,eggs and has a small products section
A good macrobiotic restraunt that also has a small market with macro and organic products and some organic produce. Address:: Ciudad de la Paz 421
Delivery Services:

El Rincon Organico


godines said...

hey there! nice blog.. here's another vegetarian looking for good places to eat in buenos aires.. you should check out 'bio' on humboldt st. (lets exchange links!!)

Anonymous said...
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Ly* said...

Hi Leslie!
This blog is being SO helpful! I'm moving from NYC to Buenos Aires next year and I just eat organics here. Whole Foods Market is my second home, lol. Now, I'm terrified that I wouldn't be able to find everything I wanted in Buenos Aires... well, you proved I'm wrong! Apparently, I can find almost everything down there! If you have any more advices about organic markets, it would be much appreciated! *-*~

SusanaR said...

Hi Leslie,
have you ever been able to find soy cream in Buenos Aires?

KP said...

I came across your blog in a search for organic products. Thank you for posting this info- I seem to be following a similar path. Do you know of a place that sells natural soaps, toothpaste... also a place where I can find a yoga mat? I'll be in Buenos Aires this coming weekend before I head back up to Uruguay.

Paz, luz y amor, Kris