Saturday, 5 January 2008

Where to purchase Organic products

Here I will be posting where to find Organic products. Please let me know if anyone out there knows of anything to add.

El Galpon
I love this place! I am there most Sabado's and some Miercole's. This is now my main resource for organic produce, eggs, cheese, mate, honey, grains and more....
My favorite!! Bakery in the whole world so far.... Organic, Local and DELICOUS. I love their mixbrot loaf, empanadas, tartas and their budin chocolate. mmm
This is a market/deli/cafe. You can find alot of organic products, vitamins and beauty products. However, no produce. The cafe serves organic coffee and tea and they also serve natural organic food.
Jumbo Palermo
the argentine version of a super target carries some organic produce,eggs and has a small products section
A good macrobiotic restraunt that also has a small market with macro and organic products and some organic produce. Address:: Ciudad de la Paz 421
Delivery Services:

El Rincon Organico

When "Organic" is not an option.....

This is a link to a site that rates the pesticide load in "conventional"(non organic) fruits and veggies. Peaches being the worst and Onions being the least contaminated. It's worth taking a look at as it's not always possible to be 100% organic no matter where you are.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Despacio::::::::::::the space of slow

She was dancing as fast as she could and as I watched , I could no longer keep up with the fractured rapidity. My vision became blurred and I could no longer tell the difference between her and the field that she moved within. Suddenly she stopped standing upright her gaze downwards her body catching its breath in the stillness the breathing began to slow and with now focused vision I could see the space within her.

Despacio is my mantra. I am constantly hearing those voices in my head of “gotta gotta, should should, hurry hurry and ohh it‘s too late.” Somehow though as those voices come this foreign palabra arises from within.........Despacio, despacito, despacio…... When I hear the word in my mind it’s as if it was spoken by a sweet motherly dear Argentine spirit whom has come to look after me and knows just when to whisper it in my ear. It’s sound is soothing and healing and I am reminded that I have all the time in the world to be and become. We all have our own timing and rhythms and if we didn‘t this world would be, monotonous. There is a westernized speed of things and if your natural beat is not the same you can feel pretty out of sync. Now that I have had some time to step out of a rhythm of my life in Los Angeles and adapt to a new one in this new place. I can hear the difference within me and the world around me. The word despacio means slowly but the word contains the pronunciation of space. It reminds me that slowing down creates a spaciousness where we can listen and communicate with our true selves. This can be difficult for some and that’s why they continue to move quickly keeping up as best they can with a rhythm outside themselves. But I invite you to use my mantra… Despacio ….and allow it to create a sacred space within you where you can hear your own heartbeat and dance to your own rhythm.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

My organic delivery Service:::

The organic culture here in Buenos Aires is small but it definitely exists. You’ll find some of the big markets carry a minimal selection of organic products. However, in order to get a bountiful supply you must subscribe to a delivery service like mine...

El Rincon Organico::

On Sunday evenings, I contemplate what fruits and veggies I still have in my fridge and what I should order for the week ahead. I sit down at my computer and start my email order to El Rincon Organico. I look at their list of what’s available. The Spanish fruit and vegetable words are now familiar to me and I enjoy the act of writing them into my email. After my real life Spanish lesson is over we wait until tomorrow to hear back from Maria for confirmation. As sometimes they may have something new and sometimes they don’t have things. The availability of the produce is always bountiful but is also always changing as the seasons change. I have grown to love this. It makes me feel very in touch with the nature here and reminds me that everything is from the earth here not shipped from all over the world just for my convenience. It’s in accord with the macrobiotic principles of harmoniously engaging with nature’s cycles and eating only what is in season and what is local. I remember in Los Angeles on more than one occasion purchasing from the local organic markets pears, apples and blueberries from where else.. Argentina. As well as other produce from all over the world. Now I see here eating organic is eating local, how beautiful. So on Monday I hear back from Maria the owner of El Rincon via email. Maria is a lovely soul whose aura radiates full spectrum natural light . You can really see the benefits of living a natural lifestyle in her as her beauty is truly healthy. When we first met her she treated us like kindred family members and we love being a part of her family.

Tuesdays are the days our produce arrives. I love Tuesdays. I clean the kitchen anticipating it’s arrival and go through the fridge and reorganize a little to make room. I gather the empty glass bottles that my organic milk and yogurt is delivered in to be exchanged for fresh full bottles. We call to see what time they will arrive and then finally the buzzer rings. I say loudly into the phone “esta abierto” Aldo the delivery man says “Si!! ya subo” and minutes later our sweet, sincere delivery man is at our front door with a basket full of fresh bounty as well as my milk, yogurt, eggs and organic tofu. We pay our bill, tip Aldo and say our goodbyes, till next week. In this moment I feel like I live in the country in the city in the past in the future. It’s a romantic 1950’s European dream type scenario. I place what needs to be in the fridge inside of it and then create a still life on the counter with my manzanas, mandarinas, peras, naranjas, cebollas and papas. Contentedly, I brew an organic mate tea with a drop of organic leche and imagine what I might prepare for dinner.
To know more about El Rincon Organico visit their website :::::: they not only offer produce and dairy but also deliver organic cheeses, meats, teas, miso, soy sauce, olives and much much more. All at affordable prices.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Sponges::::a soggy saga solved by the sea

I have to say the dish sponges here are worthless pieces of some artificial whatever. They last for maybe one dishwashing or bathroom cleaning and then they go limp and develop a bacterial infection. I tried many different ones and found nothing in the commercial array to be worthwhile. What I have found to be AWESOME are these natural sea sponges. I see them around in various independent grocery stores or those cheap household goods stores around town. Also they are cheap, natural, biodegradable, sudsy and airy so as long as you set them out to dry they don’t develop nasty bacteria’s and they last an incredibly long time. Using this sponge in conjunction with soaking your dishes and using one of those metal round sponges for tough stuck on spots you won’t need another pink, blue or yellow soggy friend ever again. When I purchased one of these it was long enough to cut into three parts. I now have a sea sponge dedicated to different chores. One for dishes, one for scrubbing veggies, one for scrubbing ME. Now that I have gone sea sponge I am never going back whether here in Buenos Aires or anywhere in the mundo!!

Monday, 3 September 2007

So here I am in Buenos Aires.....

So here I am in Buenos Aires and have been for more than three months so far. When I first arrived to this city I began looking for foods and products that are natural, organic and healthy for myself and my husband. The thing is that after living in Los Angeles, California for many years we have grown to develop a moralistic stance on trying our best to only buy products that adhere to our Natural Organic Vegetarian Eco Concious Lifestyle. Even within this realm we are constantly keeping a critical eye and questioning whats available and how to make the best choices. For instance shopping at local farmers markets instead of buying organics from the whole foods where not everything is “local“. Opting for organic coffee or tea at the local bean when possible. Only owning one car between us and carpooling with friends to the store ect. Oh and we even had our own two free range happy chickens(Molly and Polly) in the backyard and we graciously ate their delicious eggs. I would say we have tried and try hard but are far from perfect in our goal to live this type of lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong in a place like Los Angeles this lifestyle like just about anywhere is full of contradictions. However the vast number of products, markets, restaurants, magazines, yoga studios devoted to this style of living make it easy , accessible and fashionable to be a part of the “green” culture.

So here I am in Buenos Aires. Where it is my intention to try and live as naturally and sustainably within the structure of this city as I possible can. Living under modest means of income and an open mind. Equally celebrating and critiquing the system and culture according to my ideals. All the while blogging about it to share resources, raves, rants and recipies and whatever else comes up . Peace, Love and hope for a greener future.