Thursday, 13 September 2007

Despacio::::::::::::the space of slow

She was dancing as fast as she could and as I watched , I could no longer keep up with the fractured rapidity. My vision became blurred and I could no longer tell the difference between her and the field that she moved within. Suddenly she stopped standing upright her gaze downwards her body catching its breath in the stillness the breathing began to slow and with now focused vision I could see the space within her.

Despacio is my mantra. I am constantly hearing those voices in my head of “gotta gotta, should should, hurry hurry and ohh it‘s too late.” Somehow though as those voices come this foreign palabra arises from within.........Despacio, despacito, despacio…... When I hear the word in my mind it’s as if it was spoken by a sweet motherly dear Argentine spirit whom has come to look after me and knows just when to whisper it in my ear. It’s sound is soothing and healing and I am reminded that I have all the time in the world to be and become. We all have our own timing and rhythms and if we didn‘t this world would be, monotonous. There is a westernized speed of things and if your natural beat is not the same you can feel pretty out of sync. Now that I have had some time to step out of a rhythm of my life in Los Angeles and adapt to a new one in this new place. I can hear the difference within me and the world around me. The word despacio means slowly but the word contains the pronunciation of space. It reminds me that slowing down creates a spaciousness where we can listen and communicate with our true selves. This can be difficult for some and that’s why they continue to move quickly keeping up as best they can with a rhythm outside themselves. But I invite you to use my mantra… Despacio ….and allow it to create a sacred space within you where you can hear your own heartbeat and dance to your own rhythm.

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Reesie Williams said...

Hello. I think you are quite a wonderful writter. I am not so much, but wanted to write you a litle note. I agree with slowing down to create space. It's like someone once told me about his choice to stop partying and going out so much. He said, "Well, after a while, I realized I wasn't missing anything." Probably because he was drinking his own Despacio. Friends should let friends despacio and drive, right? That wouldn't be so bad. So much can be created out of the creation of space.