Monday, 3 September 2007

So here I am in Buenos Aires.....

So here I am in Buenos Aires and have been for more than three months so far. When I first arrived to this city I began looking for foods and products that are natural, organic and healthy for myself and my husband. The thing is that after living in Los Angeles, California for many years we have grown to develop a moralistic stance on trying our best to only buy products that adhere to our Natural Organic Vegetarian Eco Concious Lifestyle. Even within this realm we are constantly keeping a critical eye and questioning whats available and how to make the best choices. For instance shopping at local farmers markets instead of buying organics from the whole foods where not everything is “local“. Opting for organic coffee or tea at the local bean when possible. Only owning one car between us and carpooling with friends to the store ect. Oh and we even had our own two free range happy chickens(Molly and Polly) in the backyard and we graciously ate their delicious eggs. I would say we have tried and try hard but are far from perfect in our goal to live this type of lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong in a place like Los Angeles this lifestyle like just about anywhere is full of contradictions. However the vast number of products, markets, restaurants, magazines, yoga studios devoted to this style of living make it easy , accessible and fashionable to be a part of the “green” culture.

So here I am in Buenos Aires. Where it is my intention to try and live as naturally and sustainably within the structure of this city as I possible can. Living under modest means of income and an open mind. Equally celebrating and critiquing the system and culture according to my ideals. All the while blogging about it to share resources, raves, rants and recipies and whatever else comes up . Peace, Love and hope for a greener future.

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