Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Sponges::::a soggy saga solved by the sea

I have to say the dish sponges here are worthless pieces of some artificial whatever. They last for maybe one dishwashing or bathroom cleaning and then they go limp and develop a bacterial infection. I tried many different ones and found nothing in the commercial array to be worthwhile. What I have found to be AWESOME are these natural sea sponges. I see them around in various independent grocery stores or those cheap household goods stores around town. Also they are cheap, natural, biodegradable, sudsy and airy so as long as you set them out to dry they don’t develop nasty bacteria’s and they last an incredibly long time. Using this sponge in conjunction with soaking your dishes and using one of those metal round sponges for tough stuck on spots you won’t need another pink, blue or yellow soggy friend ever again. When I purchased one of these it was long enough to cut into three parts. I now have a sea sponge dedicated to different chores. One for dishes, one for scrubbing veggies, one for scrubbing ME. Now that I have gone sea sponge I am never going back whether here in Buenos Aires or anywhere in the mundo!!


Reesie Williams said...

Hmm...I was all ready to send you sponges until I read on. Now I know to save my money and want to get my own sea sudsie friend.

Carla said...

I don´t know about sea sponges, but in BA you can find everything you want, you just need someone to tell you where those things are. I had an apartments in Buenos Aires and lived there for years, so I can say one thing: organic food is only in neighbourhoods that "belong" to the upper classes. The reason is obvious: the poor are not interested in getting special king of food, they are interested in getting any food at all, so they would not go buy special, more expensive food because the little money they havem the use it to buy as many food possible. Soooo, all this is to say that if you want organic food, go look at it in: Recoleta, Las CaƱitas, Belgrano, Palermo, Puerto Madero and Barrio Parque!